Schoolzpro:- Admission CRM Software

Admission based CRM software can prove to be a great help for schools that are looking to organize and manage admissions & enrollments effectively. With advancement in technology it has become imperative for schools to reduce manual work, paperwork and automate, digitize work wherever possible. An advanced school admission CRM like Schoolzpro’s can help schools automate campaigns, form filling, contact management, student lead management and even help in generating admissions forecasts to plan things better.

The CRM not only helps in maintaining records of new admissions, but it also helps manage and communicate with already enrolled students effectively. With SMS, Email integration, it becomes very easy for schools to communicate and resolve any query for prospects and existing students.

1. Contact Management:

Add/Modify/Delete new prospect profiles or store data that can be used in future. Whether you want to add new enrollment information, lead information or existing student information, this CRM can handle it all.

2. Contact Form Automation:

When you fill up forms for new admissions, the CRM auto allocates leads based on different parameters to the appropriate counsellors. This process saves time by directing students to the right step of the enrollment funnel.

3. Lead Management:

The Schoolzpro Admission CRM helps you manage all the leads efficiently. You can assign different interest levels to leads and transfer the leads to different teams from the system. You can also follow up on the progress made with each lead within the CRM itself. Any queries/doubts can be resolved from the system itself.

4. Campaign Management:

Our admission CRM also allows you to track and manage your advertising campaigns from the software. You can track performance of different campaigns and the overall results too. Delete or modify campaigns that are performing poorly and copy/multiply campaigns that are performing decently, all can be done using this app.

5. SMS, Email Integration:

We know how important communication is, for both internal teams and for potential students. To make sure you’re in constant touch with students and leads, this school admission CRM is loaded with SMS, Email integration. You can send out newsletters or marketing copies in bulk both on SMS and emails. Any query/reply to your text/email will reflect within the system as well.

6. Analytics:

When managing leads, it is important that you analyse how things are going. The Schoolzpro school admission CRM picks up different metrics and pulls up sales analytics to help you manage your campaigns accordingly.

7. Admissions Forecast:

Like advanced CRMs, this CRM also has a feature of sales forecast. The software analyzes all the historical and present data, leads, campaign progress, results and then presents a forecast of the number of admissions expected within the year. This is dynamic and it changes according to your campaign performance as well.

These are the features of our school admission CRM. We would only take a couple of minutes to give you a full demo of the software. Just drop us a ‘hi’ and we’ll get back to you.