Schoolzpro:- Online Examination System

Online Examinations are in full swing and are the best way to test & track each student’s knowledge, skills, and performance. With digitization taking over every industry, there was a lack of a tool that could help Schools conduct examinations remotely and easily. We thought over it and took the matter into our own hands to create an Online Examination System in India that is free for all schools.
We wanted the product to be rich with features that schools, teachers need to ensure that exams are conducted easily. At the same time, we also wanted to make sure that students can access, navigate, and understand the whole process of giving the exam easily. To make both ends meet, we contacted multiple teachers, students, took their inputs, and finally came up with an online examination application that’s easy to use and equipped with all the features teachers could ask for.

Here’s is the list of features that the Schoolzpro online examination system has:

1. Option to Conduct both Subjective & Objective Exams:

When we talked to teachers about their desired features from an online assessment application, everyone had one thing in common, i.e, they wanted the app to have an option to conduct subjective exams as well. If we talk about pre-covid times, the availability of a good online examination software that sports an option to conduct both subjective and objective exams on a single platform was none. But now, with the Schoolzpro online examination system, schools can not only conduct both types of exams but also check the papers quite easily.
To conduct Subjective exams all you need is pictures of the questions and for objective exams, you just need to enter the details within the platform.

2. Option to share Lesson Plans in multiple formats:

To make sure the students excel in exams, teachers first need to ensure that the students are prepared for the right thing to study. And to do that, the application must have an option to share lesson plans with the students. Schoolzpro helps teachers keep students on the right track by giving an option to share lesson plans in multiple formats like Image, Pdfs, Videos, etc.

3. Option to pause examination:

Since we are conducting online examinations, there might be a time when the teacher needs to stop the timer for a particular student. To ensure that the student gets the right amount of time to conduct the exam, we have added an option on the teacher’s side to pause a student’s exam if needed.

4. Checking answer sheets in real-time:

We know how hectic it is to check the bundles of papers at the same time and request the students to be patient for results. To take that stress away from both you, the teacher, and the students we have added an option to check answer sheets in real-time in Schoolzpro. You can check the answer sheet of a student as soon as he/she submits the exam. No need to wait for the entire class to submit the paper. This way you can save a lot of time and the students too would get the results instantly on the application.

5. Feedbacks:

While checking answer sheets and grading the students, teachers at times want to leave feedback so that the student can improve. Our online examination software gives teachers an option to leave feedback for each student while grading their answer sheets. This way the students will have more clarity over their performance.

6. Performance Tracking:

The application allows teachers and schools to track each student’s performance over a period of time. Using this, a teacher can check whether the student is improving or if he/she needs to focus more on a particular subject.

7. Question Bank:

Teachers have so much to do that creating questions for weekly/monthly tests is the last thing they want to do because it consumes a lot of time. To save that time, our online examination application has an option to create question banks. Once a teacher has created a question bank, he/she can use it to select questions for all the exams in the future.

8. Security:

Data security is very important for all sorts of applications. When we talk about online examination software, it will have details of each and every student, their performance, probably personal details, and more. Besides that, the application must have login security as well. To ensure top-notch data security, all data is stored on the cloud and the app requires student signups to be approved by authorities to ensure valid logins only.

These are the key features that the Schoolzpro free online examination software in India has. However, we are constantly working on adding new features that can improve the overall accessibility of the app. The application is available for both android, ios systems, and on the web as well.