Schoolzpro:- School Management System

A school management system is one of the most important things for a school to have at this moment. When everything is moving online, you need to be up on your toes, spending less time on managing things and more on getting admissions and improving the infrastructure of the school. Until the last 4-5 years, schools had been following the decades old methods of managing everything on paper. Although it was effective but even the smallest mishaps led to huge data losses for schools. Besides the paper loss, the dependency on multiple individuals to get their job done without errors was a big challenge too. But, schools are now realizing the potential of technology within the premises. With a super efficient and multi-module ERP Software like Schoolzpro, schools now have the option to manage everything using a single software.

Like we mentioned, schools have been getting ERPs since the past 4-5 years but those ERPs only offer solutions to certain problems and schools still have to manage most things on their own. But not anymore, with the Schoolzpro School Erp software you can manage every event taking place in your school at your fingertips. Like our Online examination software we’ve designed this product after multiple inputs from different schools and how they manage routine. We have so much to tell you about it, but we’ll do that once we talk about it, for now let’s have a glimpse of the key features of Schoolzpro school management system.

1. Admission and Enrollments:

The most important thing for any school is admissions. The more the number of students, the more the goodwill. But admissions are not that simple are they? You have to collect a lot of data from the student, then assign a counselor or a class directly, then a house, a section, fees, etc. The admission module within this school management system automatically assigns all the above mentioned categories to students depending upon the details of the admission form. In future, you can pull up details of each admission and check everything from the student’s profile in one click.

2. Fees & Payments:

Whether you want the students to pay the fees on time or you want to send out salaries for staff from the system, the Schoolzpro School ERP has got it all. The system automatically picks fees from student’s course fee, tuition fee, transport and all other charges and brings them on the final fee screen. You can even offer and apply fee discounts for students based on multiple criteria (decided by you). Our in-built payment gateway integration allows you to generate payment links which parents can follow to pay easily from their mobile phones. You can also add/deduct or modify salaries for employees from the system.

3. Attendance Management:

It’s imperative that you keep note of attendance of each student and employee in the school. Students can be mischievous. We know that and thus to avoid any discrepancy in records (which might happen in the register based attendance method) the ERP allows you to monitor the exact number of students present. You can even update modules to send texts to parents in case their ward is absent from school.

4. Course, Lesson Plan & Examination:

With our E-learning module teachers get the option to run everything based on a designated path. Teachers can share lesson plans with both the students and parents so that they’re on the same page too. As mentioned, this School ERP has a complete E-learning module, using this module teachers can conduct online examinations too. The whole process is very streamlined, you start the test, students answer the question, and the app automatically checks answer sheets (for objective exams) and all of this is done within the software.

5. Notices, News, & Announcements:

Up until now, parents only know about the things their students tell them about. If the student shows them the daily diary, they know what’s happening, if they don’t, well you know the rest. We knew we needed to resolve this problem and thus we added a module using which the teachers can keep the parents updated using sms, alerts and in-app notifications.

6. Transport Management:

Assigning transport to each new admission is a daunting task and we understand that. But that’s not all. Teachers and parents both get worried when a bus is running late whether arriving or dropping off students. The transport module in the Schoolzpro school management software allows GPS tracking of each transport and updates it in real-time within the app, further allowing teachers and parents to track student’s location.

7. Multiple User Logins:

We know to ensure the ERP is a complete solution it must provide and support multiple user logins. Multiple users not just on the teacher side, but on the student and parent side too. This feature means multiple teachers can create question banks, conduct exams for different tasks, all this simultaneously.

8. Timetable Management:

Timetable management is not just a class’s period assignment. An important aspect of daily timetable management is substituting teachers in place of absent teachers. A single teacher on leave means 7-8 classes will at a different point of time have no attendee. It gets tough when every other teacher is busy and you have to manually talk to each teacher to ask if they’re free to substitute. The ERP takes data from the attendance module and automatically assigns substitute teachers in classes where needed.

The ERP has many other features as well and we would like to give you a quick demo of the software to let you know the full details of it. We are also working on some exciting additions for this. Connect with us for a quick demo here.