School Management System

Do you want to Manage admissions, payments, transport & all school activities from a single application?

The Schoolzpro School ERP software brings together all major aspects of school management like admissions, fee payments, attendance, transport tracking, examinations and more, thus allowing super easy & digital management of the whole school.

School CRM

Do you want to handle admissions, queries, and follow up with potential students with ease?

The Schoolzpro School CRM Software is for those schools that want to handle all admission related queries, leads, follow-ups and offers from a single platform and effectively handle all admission related marketing campaigns as well.

Online Examination System

Do you want to Teach, Test, and Assess Students On A Single Platform?

The Schoolzpro online examination software brings all the major aspects of e-teaching together like lesson plans, objective & subjective tests, real-time paper checking, result analysis, and more together, relieving the stress of switching between multiple software.

We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

David Warlick

School Management System

A School ERP System that manages admissions, attendance, fees, payments, offers, transport, exams and more.

School Admission CRM Software

Follow up with admission leads, get sales forecasts, contact with parents, and students from a single screen.

Online Examination System

Share lesson plans, create question banks, conduct online exams, check papers in real-time & more.

Digital Documents

Coming Soon.

Now that digital education is of prime focus, don’t you think it’s high time you take a leap into the future of school management as well? Online School Management Software are going to be a common thing soon and we can help you take the leap towards managing everything in your School online. What are you waiting for? Get the best School ERP Software now!

Constant up-gradation is the key to success in any industry and only the handful who make a paradigm shift to adapt technology can make a difference. The Schoolzpro Education ERP Software provides solutions that can help educational institutes adapt to the latest methods of teaching and make the most of technology. With a combination of 3 Software, the Schoolzpro School Management Software as a whole provides a cutting edge solution to track and convert admission leads, manage the school’s daily tasks, and test each student’s knowledge, thus boosting the school’s overall results. In simpler terms, the School ERP solution allows you to manage attendances, fees, transport etc, the school admission CRM software allows you to handle admission queries, follow-ups and the Online examination software helps you conduct subjective & objective exams online with ease. The platform has a great number of features that make it super easy and super productive to manage each and every function of your school. You can either manage these platforms on mobile or on the web version.

A Complete Student Management System

Do you want to make school management easy? Do you want to manage admissions, fees, transport, classes and conduct online examinations at your fingertips? Do you want to take your school online and make the most of technology? You can do all of this with Schoolzpro – online school management software. We have 3 products that come together to help you with all your digital needs. A School ERP Software, a School Admission CRM, and an Online Examination System, these 3 play role of multiple software like school information management system, student information management system, education ERP software, fee management system, school administration software, and more.

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School ERP Software: A platform designed to help you manage all school activities from a single application!

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Add/modify/delete new applications, assign classes, batch, sections & more.

Fees & Payroll

Manage student fees, discounts & employee payroll with payment gateway integration.

Examination Management

Manage & Conduct online examinations with ease and keep a check on student performance.


Keep track of each student, employee attendance within the system.

Lead Management

Manage incoming and outbound leads with all details.

Campaign Management

Keep track of admission related advertising campaigns and performance within the system.

Admission Forecast

Get admission forecasts like sales forecast and modify strategies to generate maximum admissions.


Be in constant touch with parents, students through SMS, Email integration.

Admission CRM: A Software designed to help you manage all admission queries, and leads at your fingertips.

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Online Examination Software: A platform designed to make online examination easy

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Share Lesson Plans

Make sure everyone’s on the same page by sharing the lesson plans with students.

Conduct Assessments

Test student’s knowledge by conducting both subjective and objective exams regularly.

Check Papers in real-time

Save time and provide instant feedback to students by checking answer sheets in real-time.

Promote Healthy Competition

Leaderboard feature to make assessments competitive and rewarding for each student.

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What is the online examination system?

An online examination system is a platform or software designed to help you conduct online exams for students. They can be of two types, one that allows conducting objective exams & others that allows conducting subjective exams. The Schoolzpro online examination software, for example, helps you conduct both subjective and objective exams online with ease. It is a complete online assessment and online examination system.

How to conduct an online exam?

It’s quite easy to conduct an online exam with the Schoolzpro online examination software. You simply have to log in to the app, upload a question paper, start the test, and the student will submit the answers once he’s done or the exam timer is over. If you want, we can help you with a quick demo on how to conduct an online exam with Schoolzpro.

How to take an online test?

Online tests and online exams are the two faces of the same coin. The only difference is generally the syllabus. While online exams are supposed to be periodic or annual, online tests can be routine class tests as well. Nevertheless, the procedure of conducting them both is the same. Upload a question paper, start the test, the student submits the answer, grade the answer sheet. Would you like to see this in action? Let us help you with a quick demo of the Schoolzpro online examination software.

Built by Experts

Our team aims to take digital education in schools to the next level. We built Schoolzpro to provide a single platform for all e-teaching & online school management requirements.