What is Schoolzpro?

Schoolzpro is a student engagement system. The application allows educational institutes to conduct online assessments and share study material on a single platform. To be precise the Schoolzpro application bridges the gap between student assessments and elearning. It’ s an app designed to teach, test, and assess students altogether.

How does it work?

The app has a very smooth and easy to use interface. Here’s how you can conduct an online assessment within minutes:

  • Teacher approves student signups
  • Students login once approved
  • The teacher shares a PIN for assessment
  • Students enter the PIN and take the assessment Teacher checks the answer sheets and the results are displayed in the student’s My Results Section.

How does it benefit my school?

Schoolzpro was designed to help schools make the most of technology. When you conduct online assessments with Schoolzpro you are building the School’s overall reputation by stepping further into the digital world. Your teacher ’ s will be able to conduct assessments remotely and you won ’t have to spend time and capital on printing papers & answer sheets and much more. With result analysis, your teachers will be able to track and improve each student’ s weakness, which in turn will boost your school’ s overall results.

How does it help the teachers?

Teachers are usually overwhelmed by regular classes, homework checking, conducting exams and managing all the paperwork. The Schoolzpro app reduces the paperwork, eases out the whole exam process and allows study material sharing as well. All these features help in releasing a major portion of a teacher ’ s stress. When teachers conduct assessments using Schoolzpro, they have ample time to focus on activities that can improve overall results.

What type of assessments can I conduct with Schoolzpro?

The app allows you to conduct both subjective and objective exams.

How many students can I assess at once?

You can add as many as students in an Exam.

How will Subjective exams be conducted on the app?

We have tried to simplify the whole process of conducting subjective exams. Just 3 steps are involved. :

  • Question papers are shared with students on their respective screens.
  • Student pens down the answer on a sheet of paper and uploads it within the app.
  • The teacher checks the paper in real-time and leaves feedback.

How will the teachers check answers?

Once the student submits his/her answer sheet, the teacher can use the real-time paper checking feature to check the paper instantly. They can grade each question and leave feedback for the student.

Can teachers share lesson plans and study material?

Yes. Before you assess students, it’ s important to guide them through the topics and content that they need to be studying. The app allows teachers to share lesson plans to help students keep track of the schedule and study material to help them learn easily. You can upload study material in the form of images, docs, pdfs and more.

Which languages does the app support?

The app currently supports English, however with the image and question paper uploading feature, you can conduct exams for Hindi/Sanskrit and all other languages, subjects.

How will the students see the results?

Once the exam is over, the students can see the results in my results section. To promote healthy competition we have also loaded the app with a leaderboard feature.

Will there be an option for result analysis?

Yes. Your teachers can review each student’ s result and the overall class ’ s result as well. You can track each student’ s strength and weakness and use the data to improve overall results.

What is the online examination system?

An online examination system is a platform or software designed to help you conduct online exams for students. They can be of two types, one that allows conducting objective exams & others that allows conducting subjective exams. The Schoolzpro online examination software, for example, helps you conduct both subjective and objective exams online with ease. It is a complete online assessment and online examination system.

How to conduct an online exam?

It’s quite easy to conduct an online exam with the Schoolzpro online examination software. You simply have to log in to the app, upload a question paper, start the test, and the student will submit the answers once he’s done or the exam timer is over. If you want, we can help you with a quick demo on how to conduct an online exam with Schoolzpro.

How to take an online test?

Online tests and online exams are the two faces of the same coin. The only difference is generally the syllabus. While online exams are supposed to be periodic or annual, online tests can be routine class tests as well. Nevertheless, the procedure of conducting them both is the same. Upload a question paper, start the test, the student submits the answer, grade the answer sheet. Would you like to see this in action? Let us help you with a quick demo of the Schoolzpro online examination software.