There’s no dearth of responsibilities when it comes to handling and managing an educational institution. And in a day and age like this, it becomes crucial that you are updated and modernized at every step of the game to stay ahead of your competitors. Enter an education ERP software and your problems become rather easy to solve.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at seven ways through which you can get the best results out of an education ERP software, but before we do that, let’s look at what an education ERP is. 

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What is an Education ERP?

A School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software aids in the management and optimization of available resources. The cloud-based software can streamline and automate a variety of administrative tasks, including online admission, study material distribution, fee collection, online examination, and result declaration.


Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in an Education ERP

Now that we’ve seen what an education ERP software is, let’s look at the several ways it can help you get the best results for your school.


1. Automatic Attendance

Teachers require detailed student attendance reports because students’ performance suffers when they miss class. Attendance reports for all students in a class cannot be generated manually.

The student data can easily be synchronized with biometric attendance systems. As a result, the practice of teachers manually taking attendance is no longer practised. Attendance records are stored in a student data management system by these systems.

The dashboard can also generate student attendance reports using data stored in the student data management system. These reports are extremely detailed and assist teachers in identifying students absent over a long period. Teachers can then intervene and assist these students in regaining their footing.


2. Online Examinations

The entire online examination and result evaluation process are error-free. Students can request re-evaluation online, and the software will re-evaluate and return results in minutes. It can even provide students with the most accurate answers and highlight where they went wrong in their responses.

Due to the lack of paper, the cost of administering exams is significantly reduced. Mark sheets are now digital, and results can be accessed via email, a school app, or a website. With an education ERP software, creating an online test takes only a few minutes. They can be subsequently uploaded to students’ registration numbers as per the scheduled time.

Teachers and administrators can establish criteria for a percentile system or grading system to evaluate each student’s performance for the academic session. Creating reports and merit lists can not be easier than this.


3. Conducting Traditional Exams

If your institution prefers the conventional pen-paper test, an education ERP software is beneficial in that case too. 

The ERP system aids in the simplification of complex tasks such as room allocation, setting and printing exam papers, and ensuring that they reach every classroom. Teachers can be assigned answer sheets for evaluation using the Enterprise Resource Planning software.

To assist students in understanding where they lost marks, physical answer sheet copies can be scanned and uploaded to the school website. The ERP software aids in the management of pre-examination, exam execution, and post-examination tasks.


4. Communication

To a large extent, student success is determined by the effectiveness of communication between parents, teachers, and schools. The school management systems include a parent portal, which can help with communication by sending text, email, and voice messages to a predefined group of parents and the entire school. 

As a result, school administrators don’t have to spend hours making phone calls and leaving messages for parents. One little (but important) feature of the highly effective education ERP software is the ability to save templates for communicating important days such as annual day, teachers’ day, cultural day, and others.


5. Performance Reports

With the help of an education ERP software, you can integrate campus management data with dashboard analytics. The dashboard analytics generate a variety of reports about individual students or a class as a whole. These detailed reports cover everything from student grades to classroom activities. These reports can be used by teachers to quickly analyse students. They can then determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the reports are in statistical format, which means that data is displayed in the form of pie charts, tables, and graphs. Because humans are visually oriented, these reports are extremely simple to understand and analyze.

Teachers can work with students to improve their performance once the problem areas have been identified. Teachers can also use the reports to see if their revised techniques are effective.

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Another advantage of these reports is that they can be analyzed by authorities to ensure that teachers are educating students to the best of their abilities. Changes in teaching techniques can also be suggested by authorities to improve student outcomes.


6. Homework Assignment

Classroom homework assignments become easily accessible to students 24 hours a day with ERP software. This includes the date when it was assigned or when it is due. Aside from that, teachers can modify homework assignments and projects to meet their needs. It assists authorities in making accurate and informed decisions. 

Students can get answers to their questions quickly and easily. They can easily access their notes and course material, as well as their timetable and other announcements, from the comfort of their own home.


7. Easy Payments

It is critical for your school to have multiple online payment systems in this digital age when everything is managed online. The entire fee handling process is automated with an ERP system, ensuring that parents have a safe and quick experience while also receiving professional invoices to keep track of payments.

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