Educational institutions like colleges, schools, and even coaching institutes go through a lot of complications while carrying out their attendance system. However, with the advancement of technology now there is biometric authentication and attendance monitoring software. The newly adopted systems have transformed the life of school administration. Such technologies provide safety, security, and convenience to both the students, school administration, and even parents. An effective school attendance management software enhances parents’ involvement with students’ academic affairs. So, there is nothing wrong to say, such software has revolutionized the educational domain ad offered an efficient and exceptional way for management. 


Considering the effectiveness and demand there is countless attendance management software available in the market. Every software makes the necessary effort to avail the appreciation from the customers. However, some must-have features make school management software effective and convenient. Here we will discuss some of the key features of the same which will help you adopt the best for your educational institutions

The attendance management software is a crucial part of the school management system which employs the essential features of a biometric system to maintain the accuracy and recording the attendance of the students. 


Intuitive Dashboard

The attendance management software houses a dashboard feature which is all about a space to display the attendance, upcoming school events, course timetable, etc. the dashboard also help the parents to check the progress of their students as well. Moreover, the school management customizes the same based on their requirements. Hence a dashboard is the face of the attendance management software, therefore the developers go all out to make it user-friendly, intuitive, and straightforward. 


Ease of Application 

Attendance is one of the important administrative tasks which is essential to record students’ activities. Taking manual attendance is a time-consuming task and the traditional attendance books are prone to errors. However, the attendance management software makes the attendance taking and managing hassle-free and easy to use. They are intuitive and less prone to errors and recording the student’s attendance online with a few clicks of the mouse is effortless.


Parent Tracking

The student attendance management system software shares the availability information of the students to their parents immediately once the instructor marks the attendance. The software automates the system and no intervention of the instructor is required for the same. It helps parents to check the portal once a day to ensure the presence of their children and make them actively involved throughout their children’s educational endeavor. Such a feature also offers a sense of safety and well-being for the students.


Compatibility with Both Web & Mobile Devices 

Considering the current needs the attendance management system software is compatible with both web and mobile devices. the software adopts both the web and smartphone devices and offers exceptional functionality to the administration, students, and also parents. The functions work effectively irrespective of the devices and ensure exceptional working. Such software goes well with both types of users especially the parents who mostly use smartphones for accessing the attendance and academic progression of their children.
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SMS Alert

SMS Alert in the attendance management system is a way ahead in terms of convenience of the parents. In case they fail to log into the system to know about their students the SMS alert allows them to know everything about the same. The software directly sends all the information regarding the students directly to their parents so that they can have the updated information at their fingertips. On the other hand, it is also the advanced version of PTA meetings, as due to the hectic lifestyle and work pressure the parents mostly miss the same. In such a scenario the SMS alerts save the time of both school management and parents and update them regarding their students without arranging such physical meetings. 


Bottom Line

Choosing digital attendance management software over the traditional system is the need of the hour, to become technologically advanced and future-ready. On the other hand, such systems have become an integral part of school education because their functionalities have eased the school management workflow, streamlined and digitized the entire process with almost zero errors. Considering the demand of students as well as parents it is highly essential to go for the best attendance management system for the betterment of the school administration, students, employees, and parents. However, we advise you to do your own research first, access some free trials, comprehend the key features before choosing the best attendance management software for your school.

If you are still cynical about such systems then you can try attendance management software within Schoolzpro ERP. Remember it can be a boon in the long run by transforming the complex processes into straightforward activities.