The modern world and its competitions are endless. To get ahead, you must be well acquainted with the latest technology and employ it to your advantage. And from that perspective, school ERP software is vital for you if you run an educational institution. Not only does it take away a major burden off your head, it also helps you get ahead of your competitors.

In today’s article, we’ll look at seven tips that would help you use your ERP software in a better and more effective manner. But before we go there, let’s look at what school ERP software means and what it is used for.

school erp software

What is School ERP Software?

School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a type of information management system that educational institutions use to keep track of all of their students’ records. It is specifically designed to manage all administrative tasks associated with schools and institutions. It includes numerous modules that assist teachers and staff in maintaining student activities such as time-table management, daily attendance, fees management, managing academic records, student assessments, and so on.

ERP software connects and defines numerous business processes, as well as allowing data to flow between them. An ERP system eliminates data duplication while also ensuring data integrity. An Enterprise Resource Planning system, at its most basic, integrates various features into a single comprehensive system to streamline processes and information across the entire organisation.

Now that we’ve looked at what are the features of school ERP software, let’s look at seven tips to help get you better at school ERP software.


1. Customize As Per Your Needs

Most ERP software is a jack-of-all-trades solution designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses. One way to ensure you get the most out of your school ERP software is to design an out-of-the-box solution that fits your business needs. Ask your service provider to assist you in customising your system for the best results.

You can expect customizations such as hiding unnecessary fields, turning specific features on or off, adding required fields, and many more. You can also customise your school ERP platform to a lesser extent by using integrations and plug-ins. Inquire with your ERP provider about the options for connecting to other apps or implementing niche widgets.


2. Employ Mobile Applications

A modern ERP solution will almost certainly include a smart device app for iOS and/or Android. You can use this, as it has numerous advantages for your students. Mobile apps improve the accessibility and visibility of your school ERP systems.

Apps also enable your teachers and students to gain remote access to critical information. This is a simple way for everyone, regardless of location, to stay up to date on all school operations.


3. Invest in Training

school erp software

Never underestimate the importance of training your employees and any other end users of your ERP solution. Trained users get the most out of any software solution and can adapt quickly to updates and changes. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the school ERP software can assist them in making more informed business decisions more quickly.

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that initial training is sufficient to get their users up and running. This, however, is not the case. As ERP systems evolve, so should your employees and users. Working with your ERP provider to establish ongoing training programmes allows users to advance their knowledge as the software evolves.


4. Remove Unnecessary Reports

If you ask your school ERP end-users to show you their inbox, you will notice that it is clogged with unopened emails from your system’s ERP reports. These reports are almost never used by your team for any productive or useful output, so you should get rid of them right away.

The wise thing to do is to conduct an audit within your teams and departments and list the reports that are important – others can simply be removed. This simple task simplifies and reduces the complexity of the reporting process, making the system more effective and efficient.


5. Use the Documentation of the ERP Process

The documentation of ERP systems is critical to the successful implementation of ERPs. It is useful information for ERP users and managers on a daily basis. For training new team members, retraining existing users, and resolving conflicts, the documentation serves as the holy bible.

ERP standard operating procedures (SOPs) are also a critical component of ERP process documentation. They serve as guidelines for carrying out any ERP task effectively and efficiently. These ERP process documentation use cases keep your business operations running smoothly.


6. Focus on the Important Features

School ERP software features that are not required for business operations are frequently implemented by businesses. It’s similar to making an impulse purchase at a mall: you don’t need it, but you’re tempted enough to buy it. These impulsive or tag-along features do not solve a business problem for your school.

Your school ERP system serves as the hub for all of your back-end business processes. To ensure that everything in it runs smoothly, you should remove as many complexities as possible. This helps to establish a clear understanding of what the system can and cannot do.

To ensure that your employees use the features, you must analyse the use case and performance of each feature on a regular basis. After all, your teachers and students are the true end users of your ERP systems. As a result, it is critical to consider their feedback on the features and their benefits.


7. Evolve Your Software over Time

It’s critical to plan on expanding, updating, and changing your ERP system on a regular basis, but at a reasonable pace. Adding EDI processing, online customer order entry, and just-in-time automated purchase order generation to your school system may make it more efficient in the long run, but too much new functionality may cripple productivity right away as well. 


Why SchoolzPro’s ERP Software is the Best

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