Educational centers are working day and night to improve the learning experience of children via the internet. The success of this effort largely depends on how well the institute is able to manage and monitor its work. Obviously, it is impossible to manage and control everything through manual effort. But you can turn the process uncomplicated through the management system. That being said, education ERP in India is a great way to perform and achieve the desired result. Further, it adds to the necessity of an education center to use management software for a smooth workflow. Before moving ahead to the features that this ERP software offers, let us discuss why institutes need it.

best ERP software for schools

Why you need an education ERP software solution?

An Education erp software is an all-rounder management system mainly designed for the smooth operating of the institute. In addition, the software also provides the administrator better access to the student as well as staff information.

It is challenging for the organization to maintain multiple activities when there is a surge of data. For example, during admission, the management has to look after the admission process, attendance, fee structure, result, etc. In such conditions, the ERP automates complex data management. In short, implementing an ERP system within the campus can improve the effectiveness of the process. Additionally, it can improve the planning, designing, and operating of resources.


The following are some of the reasons why institutes must install an ERP:

  • Cost-effective solution: The traditional way involves a lot of files, paperwork and maintenance work. But an ERP system can save you from all these efforts and the money to invest in such files.
  • All in one place: The school management solution help by providing you all the information in one place. So, you don’t have to go through every file to find what you are looking for.
  • Faster result: When manual work involves, it can take days to complete a particular work. But an ERP system can accelerate the work into seconds. For instance, managing the admission process of a new batch.
  • Resource management: Resources management comes under difficult task to carry in an institution. But an ERP has the ability to make it easy. In fact, it also gives the administrator the ability to track every utility on a real-time basis. In addition, it also provides automated reports.


Top features the best ERP system has

To get the best out of your ERP system, it is wise to ensure that it contains the following features. This is important because a better-equipped system always provides users with the best output. The must-have features are:


Admission management

The foremost feature to look for in your ERP is it provides complete assistance in the admission process. This includes relevant data of any student studying in the institute. If the system has this feature, it can save you a lot of time and effort also save you from stocking up stationery items.


Track attendance

Another essential feature that your ERP system must contain is the attendance tracking system. This includes not only the attendance of staff but also of the students. As a result, it will give you access to the information who all were present in the institute on the particular day. Also, with the help of the feature, you can rid yourself of the tiresome process of calling out rolls. It also improves the safety of the children.


Cloud Facilitation

The best ERP system also contains a cloud facility to enable the administrators to keep track of all the data in one place. The system makes it very easy for the operators to access the data and save time searching from different piles. It is often seen when the school management software works on a cloud storage system; it performs best.


Carrying out exams

Your school management system must also be able to keep track of all the exams the institute conducts. It includes practical exams, theory exams, and viva too. A perfect ERP system manages whether the schedule of the exam is on time and notifies everyone through different means.



The most important feature to look for in your school ERP system is how well it facilitates communication. This means the system must notify all its users about the fees due, exam date, holiday declaration, and other essential activities. In other words, it must act as a notice board. The means to notify everyone about the important notice must include mails, messages, and push notifications.



All in all, an education ERP system can help you manage all your institute activity in a better way, given the above features are present in it. It is a great way to make your management hassle-free and smooth. ERP system with the above cutting-edge features can take your institute to the next level.