After the pandemic hit us, it has been very hard to maintain the education standards for students. With such a communication gap both students and the teachers are not able to manage the school activities. But there is an application that connects the teachers with the students and creates a virtual classroom. It is a school management software that allows the teachers to conduct online tests, virtual classes, or create question banks; it also allows them to allocate assignments. Moreover, you can perform all of these activities using a single platform. We’ve written multiple blogs on what an ERP is and clomid best comments usa how it helps. In this blog, we will discuss how you can manage admission, fees using school ERP software.

Generally speaking, the perfect School ERP like Schoolzpro, will help you conduct online exams, and not only that, but it will also let you measure each student’s performance. The software allows you to conduct exams in both objective and subjective formats. It also offers other features like PIN-based security, real-time paper checking, etc. The software is the heart and soul of a new era of school. It makes sure that no student gets stuck with any problem relating to his/her studies by building a seamless connection.

How to manage admission, fees using school ERP software?

managing admission, fees using school ERP software

In today’s time where each and everything is working online, we need to catch up with it. School management system is one such thing that is the desperate need of the hour for every school. With everything online, managing admissions, fees using school ERP software is the right thing to do. Now, the ERP software has made it completely easy for you, with this you can manage each and every event of your school. Let’s have a look at the main features of the school management system.

Admissions and Registrations

The most integral part of any school is the admissions. The larger number of students are admitted in the school, more will be its goodwill. But, let’s not forget to consider the fact that the task of admissions is not that easy. The process of admission includes the collection of numerous data from prospects then providing them a class and section; and most importantly the collection of fees.

But, with this school management software, you do not have to worry about such issues. The system provides all the information mentioned above to students on its own by relying upon the data that is mentioned in their admission form. You can get all the information of each and every admission and check any student’s profile with just a click whenever you want.

To manage admissions effectively, it would be better if you opt-in for the admission CRM integration as well. Using the admission CRM you can collect all the data from prospects digitally. Not just this, you can also assign a member of the admission cell to track and complete the admission from the software itself. The software will also help you manage and track the performance of admission-based campaigns.

Fee Payments

Whether you want to pay salaries to the staff or want your students to pay the fees punctually, the ERP will take care of it. This system accumulates the fees from the student’s course charges, transport charges, tuition charges, and all the other relevant fees and then displays it on the final page. You can apply coupons and discounts on the fee of the students according to you. This software also has a built-in payment gateway mechanism that lets you easily get payment links for the parents to follow so that they can easily pay through their phones. You will never face any sort of commotion anymore in the management after opting for this ERP software.

Timetable Administration

Now, the timetable here does not just mean the class periods and the allotment of assignments. A very integral part of regular timetable management is allotting substitutions if any teacher is absent. With one teacher absent, almost 6 to 7 classes will be without a teacher at a point in time. It becomes a very difficult task when all the teachers are busy and you have to manually ask each of them if they have the time to substitute. This problem has been easily solved by this ERP software as it takes the information from the attendance management system and then allows substitution to the teachers in the required classes on their own.


It is very important to keep a record of the attendance of every student and staff in the school. The ERP software will help you in monitoring the correct number of students present on its own. It will also help you in creating personalized texts to the parents if their child is not present in the school.

There are plenty of other features available in this school management software that will help you in easily managing all the major work of your school. In today’s online world, all the daunting management tasks of the school can be done today in just a few minutes with ERP software.

You can find all these features in Schoolzpro. It is software that lets you complete all parts of school management very efficiently. Plus, it is super easy to operate and user-friendly. Also, apart from the features mentioned above, it provides you the means to manage your lead, keep track of your advertising campaign, keep in touch with parents and get admission forecasts. Check it out here.