The ongoing global pandemic has brought about massive changes in the way that educational institutes offer learning, instruction and participation to their students. With lockdowns and social distancing rules forcing institutions to reconsider how they work, getting students and teachers back to schools has been a constant problem. In such situations, investment in school management technology becomes necessary for school administrators. With Schoolzpro you can manage attendance-timetable using School Management System.

According to Gartner, by the end of 2025, 90% of US public school districts will take advantage of a combination of remote in-person and digital learning for regular and ongoing instruction. Having a good platform for the institute will create multiple timetables which save an adequate amount of administrative time and effort. Creating a timetable, assigning proxy period, and managing faculty timetable is very easy with our Institute Management System

Even we have gone one more stepping in this platform would give you a wow factor. You can send a text message when you are setting a proxy lecture. This message can be sent to the newly assigned teacher and also the absent teacher.

Online Timetable Management Software

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Perform real-time scheduling, assignment assignments, academic calendars, and attendance management without physical interventions.

  • Easy scheduling
  • Effortless assignment of subjects
  • Enable scheduling
  • Schedule communications
  • Student attendance management
  • Schedule and attendance reports

No more wasting time with scheduling physical schedules

A schedule management system can easily and seamlessly schedule and manage schedules. Stakeholders can create and manage time schedules for various faculties, classes, courses, various batches, and different practices.

  • The system facilitates the generation of schedules with automatic processes for different classes and batches of students. 
  • The system can automatically enable a replacement teacher for the class in case the teacher designated according to the schedule is absent.
  • Faculties can plan lessons, including uploading topics, documents, and lesson notes.

Faculty schedule

Once the schedule is assigned to a particular class, teachers can view their own classroom schedule and can manage their schedules accordingly in the school administration software. Each faculty can view their schedule on the school’s mobile application. In the event of any change in your daily schedule, it will be automatically reflected in the institution’s mobile app.

Student Time – Table

The schedule is created by an institute in the system and a student can view the respective class schedule on their mobile application. In case of any change in the period, it will also be visible in your own application. As parents, you have the right to view your student’s schedule in the School Parent app. The weekly schedule is displayed in the School Parent app.

Classroom view schedule

Through the classroom view timetable, you can get an overview of the entire list of class periods for that respective date. This feature is for administrative staff so they can see the daily schedule and proxy class in case any teacher is on leave in the school mobile app.

Key benefits of the schedule management system

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The key benefits of this system eradicate the manual setting of class schedules, which is a monotonous and annoying task and allows automation at all levels so that its management is flawless. My husband and I tried having children for 7 years and nothing happened. We got tested and found out that I had polycystic ovaries. They asked us what sort of help we wanted and I said Clomid, and just on the 4th pill, I got pregnant. I took it 1 day after I got married. I bought Clomid in this shop

Quick programming

Automatically create, modify, and maintain student academic schedules in no time.

Faculty Switches

Effortlessly manage replacement schedules with automation when schools are on leave or absent.

Quick notifications

Students receive SMS or email if faculty is absent or during conference updates and faculty replacement.

Very sure

This module is role-based and has privileges with access restricted to users and stakeholders.

School Management Software Features

School administration apps come with their benefits and features for parents and student administrators. Some of the features of the online school management system are:

Instant announcement:

The software allows the back office to make announcements in real time. As a result, students receive announcements on time and can prepare accordingly.

Simple personnel management

The school administration application allows you to manage your staff easily with the help of the built-in function of shift management, effective distribution of work and maintaining an incentive record.

Easy publication of results

Another nice feature for administrators includes scheduling exams easily. Along with that, it also allows you to post the results.

Rate management

One of its most useful features is rate management. It allows you to check transaction history and notify parents of fee and due dates for various payment modes.

Management of academic calendar with upcoming events

Faculties, students, parents, and other staff can view upcoming academic events, exams, tests, fees, and future curricula in the academic calendar.

  • Get complete information on various events in one view
  • The daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of academics can be kept on the calendar
  • Admin can share events, holidays, and exam details online on the calendar

School Management Software

Schoolzpro software offers Employee Schedule, Employee Workload, Workload Transfer, Classroom Schedule, Student Attendance, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Attendance, Batch Attendance, Attendance by sections, and attendance reports by subject. With Schoolzpro, you can manage attendance-timetable using school management system. All these are really useful and needful for the benefit of the students in this pandemic. If you wish to get a demo of the schoolzpro school ERP, you can connect with us here.