Digital India is up and running thanks to initiatives taken by our Hon’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, industry leaders and influencers have equally promoted digital media & helped people realize the importance of digitization. One industry that no one ever thought could go completely digital in India is the Education industry. The experience of being a school student or faculty has completely changed from what it used to be. But every good thing comes with its fair set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges that schools will face is managing everything once schools get back to normal. Students and teachers have become so accustomed to digital means that getting back to the old routine will be hard. However, there’s another way to manage every activity in school. One that is in line with the current times i.e, using school management software. 

What is a School Management Software?

For the uninitiated, school management software means a software or a program which helps you in managing a school digitally. It manages the tasks of various employees in a school, and not only that, but it also manages the interactions between the institute, and the students and parents effectively. A plethora of schools already use school management software. If you aren’t using one, below are some reasons why you must!

Benefits of Using a School Management Software

  1. Lower Cost of Operation

Since all the data and tasks are managed by various tools, it cuts down on the charges of several operations, like maintaining communication with parents and students concerning schedule and other events. You require fewer employees and you also save time, so a win-win situation for everyone!

  1. Simpler Attendance Records

These tools allow you to create a variety of attendance records with regards to many variables (per class or student or gender). This is one of its primary features and this very convenient system helps you in managing the daily schedule of your school quite effectively. Plus, unlike the conventional attendance methods (using a pen and paper), the parents of a student are automatically notified in case they’re absent in class. This improved the overall attendance and serves as extra motivation for the students to attend their classes.

  1. Better Fee Payments

It’s a lot of hassle: receipts, cheques, cash, and whatnot! The admission season is one with a lot of chaos and tension. Dissipate all of that with a management software as it provides options for online payments, saving time and energy of both the school and the parents. Easier, simpler, and much, much better!

  1. Easier Homework Management

Because of everything being digital, it’s easier for the school & students to manage their projects and homework alike. Notes, assignments, projects can easily be downloaded and uploaded by the students as well as the teachers. You can customize everything, which means integrating pictures, videos, and/or other attachments as per the convenience of the students. Plus, the repository of old projects and notes are also useful for the successive batches.

  1. Saves the Environment

Global warming and pollution are serious global travesties infesting our planet for a while now. And if you’re wondering why I’m deviating to a different topic altogether, I’m not. All I’m saying is that, with school management software, you’ll require lesser paperwork and lesser resources in general, which would contribute towards the overall benefit of our environment. From the students’ attendance to their projects and other resources, making them all digital would save multitudes of paper, not just helping your pocket, but the environment as well.

  1. Higher Accessibility and Transparency

Since all the records are stored in a common software that can be accessed by the parents, teachers, and students at all times (provided the institution has no problems in regards to it), accessibility is higher, and as a consequence, transparency is higher too. This results in better communication and shared responsibilities (as the parents are brought in the loop as well).

  1. Efficiency in Inventory and Staff Management

Using management software, you can keep a track of all the inventories possessed and being used by your school. This means no hassle anymore when it comes to supplies or books or uniforms. A management software alerts you regarding the stuff that’s out of stock and is about to go out of stock. Management software also stores and manages the various tasks and schedules concerning your staff. From their salaries to their leaves and compensations and attendance and everything else, it makes sure you manage everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Convenient Exam Management

A major advantage of school management software is its functionality regarding different exams. It’s easier to create schedules of different tests (better accessibility too!) and the software lets you store everything including the ranks and grades of the students in different subjects and cumulatively. Whether the exams are conducted on or off the platform, teachers can post their results here and the software helps to calculate the different statistics about it.

  1. Quick Library Management

Creating and maintaining an exhaustive library list is not just a tiresome process, but also something in which errors, more often than not, creeps in. And that is why using school management software is very time-saving and convenient. From calculating books to distributing them to publishing them to tracing them can be done effectively using these tools.

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  1. Effective Transportation Management

The software management tools help in successfully managing and navigating the entire transportation from the routes to the allocation of drivers to the odometer data to the management of different vehicles available. This sends out a positive message concerning the school as the parents can put their trust in the school (relatively) easily.

  1. Manage Multiple Schools

If you happen to be the head of multiple institutions, having school management software is even more beneficial. You just have to buy one software. Using that you will be able to manage and control the working of multiple institutions simultaneously. This would save money and will simultaneously save your time and energy. 

Why You Must Use the Schoolzpro Erp

The Schoolzpro ERP provides the above-mentioned benefits which we’ve talked about so far. From a customizable and easy-to-operate user interface to cloud-based data storage, Schoolzpro ERP is one of the best software in the market. This software will make the job of managing and directing your school a lot easier and simpler. It provides SMS integration, 24*7 customer support, multi-user functionality, constant data security, online fee processing, and much more.  

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