Online Education is trending and as of now many schools and institutions are adopting and moving towards online education platforms. But, online education is incomplete without online exams and for that very reason, we need an online assessment application. Teaching a large number of students in different classes is quite challenging. It is very time-consuming for teachers to take quizzes and assess the student through manual processes. Even teachers cannot communicate with each and every student by day to day classes. So using an automated online assessment application can save time for both students and teachers.

Conducting online assessments, sharing study material, sharing presentations, and creating lesson plans is quite challenging sometimes. Here in this blog, you will get to know how online assessment applications will help you to smoothly conduct online education.


Online assessment application helps in saving time 

As mentioned above, sharing study materials, assignments, conducting tests, quizzes is not an easy task for teachers. But with the help of automated mobile applications, there is an ease for teachers to share relevant study material much faster. With the help of mobile applications like Schoolzpro, teachers can share the study material with students anywhere and anytime. 


Helps in assessing students easily

Assessing students is a necessary part of online education. Without assessment, you cannot know what exactly the student has learned so far. So with the help of mobile applications, it is very easy to assess students. Teachers can easily assess the students and they don’t need to check a bundle of papers at a time. Even students need not wait long for the results. With the help of the latest mobile applications, there is the ease in reviewing results for students also.  


Real-time Papers and Real-time Checking

It is very important to have this feature in online education. As real-time papers are those papers that can be conducted online. With the help of the mobile applications, teachers can conduct objective type papers and subjective type papers. As through mobile applications, it is very easy to conduct papers. And even teachers can do real-time checking very smoothly. Once the students share the answers with the teacher through photographs. Teachers can grade the students instantly and share feedback. So students also need not wait long for results and can analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers also need not take the burden of checking huge papers at a time. It reduces the burden of teachers. 


Enhances Security and availability of data easily

There are many chances that the study material and data might get leaked. But mobile applications like Schoolzpro makes sure that all your school’s, student’s, teacher’s data is safe and secure. These applications of online assessment make sure that your data is safe and is not accessible to unauthorized people. It also provides the availability of data easily to the authorized person. Whenever students need the material it can be easily accessed by students as well. 



After looking at the benefits of online assessment applications, we can say that schools should use such software for online assessment. It helps in saving time for both teachers and students. Helps in conducting a smooth flow of assessments and organizes data in a good manner. What we recommend is using our very own online examination and assessment app, i.e Schoozlpro. Schoolzpro is FREE to use for all schools and can help you digitize assessments easily.