How can a student examination software revolutionize e-learning

E-learning is rapidly growing and revolutionizing the whole education industry. Who would have thought that videos will replace traditional classrooms, and homework will be given over emails? However, old teaching methods, use of paper, traditional learning, and skepticism towards technology, are still acting as barriers between schools and e-learning. Although video learning and teaching apps have become popular, they lack an important feature, viz. A student assessment system. Teachers and schools can conduct live classes and share pre-recorded videos. But there’s a lack of the option to conduct tests and more within a single platform. To help schools overcome this, we have created Schoolzpro, a platform that will address all your e-teaching problems. We’ll get to it later, let’s start with how a student examination software can help take e-teaching to the next level.


Track Progress With Assignments

One of the great features of a complete student examination software is that it allows you to make sure your students are studying and learning well. How? Well, it provides you the option to create and deploy assignments for the students. How often can you do it? That’s totally up to you. If you wish to keep a close track of their progress, you can create assignments after every chapter. You can check the submissions to make sure the students have gone through what you intended them to. All of this can be done within a single platform, it can be as interactive as regular classroom learning. You can call for a video class and at the end of it share the assignments, check them, and provide feedback during the next class. 


Test their knowledge by exams

A feature majorly missing in most of the apps used by teachers to interact with students digitally is exams. Conducting exams is a very complicated task, and a lot of paperwork piles up. Once you move to the e-teaching platform, you would want to conduct exams to test their cumulative knowledge of a subject and grade them accordingly. Most schools have not switched to e-teaching xanax europe shipping because of this key factor, “teach online and then conduct offline papers, what’s the point?”.

To be honest, the current scenario is focused more on e-learning rather than e-teaching. You see, an app that’ll allow you to take classes and provide study material would be incomplete if it doesn’t allow you to test all that knowledge that you have been providing them. A student examination software like Schoolzpro changes that. With Schoolzpro, you can not only conduct exams but also check the answers in real-time to make students realize their mistakes instantly and learn.


Find Out Weaknesses and Strengths

A complete student examination software will also help you with valuable insights into the exams you conduct. Post the exams, you can take note of their weaknesses and strength with insights. With this option, you’ll find the weaknesses for both individuals and groups of students. This will help you focus more on topics that your students find hard to learn and understand.

Similarly, the strengths will help you take note of topics that all your students have a good grasp of. For the strong topics, you can focus on giving more exercises than study material for the same. The insight option if you notice can help you immensely in making sure that all your students excel in their final exams. When you track the data and work on it, you’ll be able to help all the students score high grades, making your school’s overall result beat the others. 


To help you do all of this within a single platform, we at Essence Softwares have created an app that will revolutionize e-teaching – Schoolzpro A Student Engagement System.


Schoolzpro not only allows you to teach through videos, but it also helps you upload class or subject wise study material for students. That being said, you can evaluate your students by allocating assignments, taking tests, and checking their performance through data-driven insights. Schoolzpro is more of a student engagement system. The easy to use interface, data protection, and app security make it the best student examination system