How Easy Are Online Assessments?

Technology has made a rapid change in various sectors and the education sector has probably made the most out of it. Schools are gradually adding e-learning to their teaching mechanism. Education is no longer a four-wall classroom thing, now you can learn anywhere anytime with the help of the internet. While sharing of study material in the form of videos, pdfs, etc. has become quite common, online assessments have started picking up pace too. Assessments are a major part of the education system and only by assessments, teachers and schools can get a clear picture of a student’s performance. 

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The burden of conducting pen and paper-based tests has been reduced with the help of online assessment. With applications that support real-time paper checking and performance insights, online assessment has changed the complete scenario in terms of conducting exams. Although schools want to make a complete shift to e-teaching, teachers are still uncertain about online assessments and their ease of use. With this blog, you can learn how easy online assessment is and how you can benefit from it.


Check Papers Quickly

Checking bundles of papers is a stressful thing and it consumes more time. Online assessments allow teachers to check papers on the go and save the time usually spent in handling and arranging the sheets. With apps like Schoolzpro, you can check papers in real-time, thus relieving you from the burden of checking papers in bulk. With the help of real-time paper checking, even students need not wait too long to check their results.


Create Question Banks and Ensure app, paper security 

Online assessment platforms have more security of examination papers. You can create a question bank within the system, and then choose questions randomly to different sets of question papers. However, this is not possible for paper-based examination, to print different questions for each student will consume more time and paper. In physical exams, papers often leak out during transfers. Hence, online assessment can be used to minimize the risk. The best part is that you can also enable pin based access to exams and papers, ensuring that the exam is taken up by students who you want.


Quick Result Processing

With the help of automated software, students don’t need to wait longer to get results. In a paper-based exam, there is a long procedure for checking. Paper-based exams consume more time while checking and there are chances of more human error.


Clear Assessment of Students 

With the help of online assessment, teachers will be able to give a clear picture of each student’s performance. Features like real-time checking and result insights allow you to grade students easily and track their performance. Students will be able to know what are their strong areas and which areas need to be improved. Systematic and error-free checking would be done. 



Online Assessment is far easier than it seems.  Above all, online Assessments have made assessing the student individually with a clear picture of each student. As it reduces the burden of teachers for checking bundles of papers. The schools and institutions who all are adopting online assessment will be benefited and will deal with the latest trends of technology. Finally, online Assessment is not a lengthy process and consumes less time to deliver and complete tasks.

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