Schoolzpro – The best online examination application for schools

E-learning has gained a lot of traction in the past 5 years, the credit goes to technology and the internet. But, have we ever questioned why? Maybe the option to keep learning a topic/subject until you understand it completely has led to students inclining more towards e-learning. But, we do that in schools too right? Not really, you see, e-learning has enabled students to view the same lecture multiple times, to raise individual doubts, and to the best of all help learn through animation. Visualization helps humans learn faster, this is a globally known fact. We all know that every technology, every idea lacks some or the other functionalities in the initial years, so is the case with the current e-learning scenario. With this blog, we’ll give you an overview of Schoolzpro and you’ll know why it is the best online examination application. 

best online teaching application

The current online education system focuses more on the student’s learning and less on teaching options. There are very few applications or tools that can help schools create study material and manage everything within a single platform. Schools have to depend on multiple software if they want to enable e-learning in their education system. We decided to solve this problem and bring forth a solution that focuses equally on teaching. After taking inputs from multiple schools regarding the problem they face with e-teaching, we at Essence Softwares created Schoolzpro – A Student Engagement System. Yes, Schoolzpro is not just an e-teaching or e-learning platform, it is an engagement system. With Schoolzpro, teachers can connect with students, take classes, conduct exams, and much more. Here’s what Schoolzpro offers.

Allows you to upload Lesson Plan (study material)

The most basic option every online examination application provides is conducting classes, but that’s not enough, is it? What if you conduct a live online class and some of your students couldn’t attend it? Or maybe some of the students weren’t able to understand the topic clearly? Schoolzpro provides an option to upload Lesson Plans (study material) in doc/ppt/pdf and other formats. With this feature, your students can go through a topic thoroughly and clear out his/her doubts. The best part about this feature is that all the content you upload will be saved on our servers, so the students and you don’t have to worry about the phone’s storage space. 

Gives you an option to deploy assignments to students

A teaching app that doesn’t provide you the option to deploy and check assignments doesn’t give the complete teaching experience. Schoolzpro allows you to test your student’s knowledge base regularly by keeping your students engaged with assignments. You can send in assignments as frequently as you want, whether after topics or subjects. Regular assignments make sure that your students are focusing on the content being taught by the teachers and make them do extra work to keep learning. Of all the schools we reviewed, this is the feature most of them expected from the best online examination application.

Gives you an option to create Question Banks and conduct tests

The Schoolzpro app allows you to create a question bank that you can use when conducting tests. Yes, you read that right. The app also allows you to conduct objective as well as subjective tests and exams whether regular, periodic, or annual. The test feature has multiple essential sub tools, like:

  • PIN-based entry to students who you want to take the exam. 
  • An option to add Timer with questions for time-bound exams.
  • Option to pause the exam in case of any difficulties or errors.

All these options allow schools to create a perfect exam environment, just like classroom exams. Although schools are somehow managing to provide video lectures and assignments using multiple apps, the exam feature is nowhere to be found.

Allows real-time paper checking and detailed exam insights

If only conducting exams through online applications was any easier, teachers face a big problem in checking the answer sheets. While objective exams can be conducted within the application itself, there’s a method that can allow teachers to check subjective papers in realtime. 

For subjective papers here’s the method:

  • The question appears on the student’s screen.
  • The student writes down the answer on a sheet.
  • Student clicks the picture and shares it on the app (in question’s response)
  • Teacher checks the question in real-time and gives his feedback

The real-time paper checking reduces the stress of checking answer sheets in bulk for teachers. It also helps students learn from their errors at the same time. Once the exam is over, schools get a detailed insight of the overall performance of students in the exam. Teachers can take note of the weak sections of the students and also find out the sections that all your students find easy to solve. With that data, teachers can either focus more on the weaker sections or change their overall approach to make students focus on each section equally. 

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Besides these features, the app also ensures that your data is secure and no data loss is incurred under any circumstances. 


All these features make Schoolzpro the best online examination application for schools in the current e-learning scenario. Schoolzpro acts as a single platform that enables you to create and share lesson plans, give assignments, conduct exams, and even grade the students. The app can help you digitize your classroom completely.