With a massive and rapid shift towards technology in the last couple of years, everything in the education sector is seeing a paradigm shift. From admissions to management, from documentation to classes and even exams, have gone online. Although free software like Zoom and Skype is helping schools, teachers conducting online classes are facing multiple problems when it comes to overall management and exams in particular. However, multiple school management systems have launched last year trying to make things easier for schools. But an online examination system is something that is of most importance at present times. 

The year 2020 in particular saw school exams going online. But it was easier said than done. The education sector in the country was caught in a mess. Due to old infrastructure and little to no use of tech in mid-level schools, over 80% of schools were facing challenges. But since schools had to adapt, some of them understood the need and moved to an online examination system.

As of this moment, at least half of the schools are using one or the other school ERP with online exam integration. However, some still aren’t. If you are one of those who aren’t using a school ERP or exam software, this guide will help you in choosing one. I started to be treated by a psychotherapist, talked a lot with him, tried to find the cause of my painful internal state, as a result, my therapy, among other things, included taking Xanax (sedative). It was difficult for me to cope with the disease on my own. The only thing is that you do not need to take them at all at night, they are daytime, so they caused me a jump in activity at night, which I couldn’t fall asleep right away. https://premierpedsny.com/prime-pharmacies/ And the rest is good.

Step 1: Lookout and Compare

online examination system

The very first step when you are planning to buy any software is to look out for options. Therefore, to get the best online examination system, you need to look out for the available options and compare their features.

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Once you have a list of the best online examination systems, compare the features and the prices. The idea is to shortlist 2 software here and move further to the next steps. What do you need to compare? What are the features it must have? Read the second step for answers.


Step 2: Make sure it has these features

Online Assessments

Since you want to make the most of your software, you have to make sure it has all the features mentioned below:

  • Supports Both Formats: Make sure the software you buy supports both objective and subjective exam formats. There are hundreds of software that claim to be the best online examination system but most of them only support objective exams. If you can’t conduct subjective exams the whole idea of online exams makes no sense. 
  • Question Bank Creation: It’s quite common practice among teachers to create multiple sets of the same exam, in order to avoid cheating. An option to create a question bank for different subjects first-hand will enable you to just click and create multiple sets for every exam.
  • Real-time paper checking: Apart from the system allowing you to conduct exams in two formats, it is imperative it allows you to check papers in real-time. Real-time paper checking means as soon as students start submitting answer sheets, the teacher gets to check them. This is very important if you want to save time. 
  • Performance Analysis: Once the exam is over, the teacher and the students both should be able to analyze the performance. This is very important, an in-depth analyzing tool will allow students to strengthen their weak sections. Even the teachers can change the method of study if they find multiple students failing a topic/subject. 
  • Report Card Generation: The most important thing for every student and teacher post a complete academic year is the report card. Make sure our online examination system has an option to generate report cards post the exam. 


Step 3: Check its load capacity

online examination system

Different software is made for different requirements and this is true for edtech as well. You must check the bandwidth, storage and number of students your software supports. Since every school looks for growth you should consider your present student strength and growth when purchasing such software.

Even the ones marked with the *Unlimited* tags have certain hidden TnCs. Therefore, make sure you get into the full depth of the storage and scaling options of the online examination system.


Step 4: Check the price and your pockets

This is where it gets tricky. There are many online examination systems that are free and there are many that are paid. 

But how do you choose one? You’ll find most of the free ones would have limited features asking you to upgrade if you need them unlocked.

The ones that have a fee are so expensive that they’ll dig a hole in your pocket. So what do we do? How do we decide what to go with? Is it the free one or the expensive one? Well, there’s a mid-way. 

Yes!  Schoolzpro is one such online examination system that’s not only free but offers all features with no hidden costs.  What else? It’s not just an online examination system, it is a complete School ERP. With this software, you’ll not only be able to conduct online exams but also manage your school digitally. 

There it is! We’ve sorted things out for you. However, if you want to go for another option, just make sure it has all the features mentioned above and is free.


Step 5: Demo and Finalization


Now that you know what to do and how to decide on the software, it’s time to go for a demo. Ideally, at this stage, you should have a maximum of 2 options. Now, you should take a demo of the shortlisted software and check for any bugs that appear in the demo. Make sure you take keynotes of how the features mentioned above are rolling out in the demo. 

The software with the least lag time, zero bugs and a simple interface is the one you should go with. 



Right then! That was our ultimate guide to the online examination system. By following these steps you can get your hands on the best online examination system. If you follow all the steps, you will have software that is full of features and very light on the pocket.

If you want software that fulfils all the criteria we’ve mentioned above, try out our very own online examination system Schoolzpro. You can click here for a quick demo.