The perfect e-teaching app for schools

E-learning is trending and now that schools have seen how brilliantly educational apps work, even they want to make the most of technology. The edtech industry is one of the top growing industries globally. And there’s a huge demand for apps that can help schools go digital completely. While there are a lot of e-learning apps, the market still lags behind in terms of a perfect e-teaching app for schools. Companies are focusing to help students learn, and practice topics but they still haven’t diverted their focus on providing tools to teachers. Keeping that in mind, we designed Schoolzpro, a complete student engagement system.

e-teaching app for schools

Why is Schoolzpro the perfect e-teaching app for schools?

You see, a perfect e-teaching app will not only help the teachers teach and assess the students but also help the students learn effectively. Schoolzpro does exactly that; it equips teachers with options to conduct online assessments for students and helps students learn from the uploaded study material. Not just that, the app focuses on helping schools digitize the whole curriculum. How? Well, schools can upload all the study material on the app and then create lesson plans. Students can follow these lesson plans to study particular topics and subjects on a defined schedule. The teachers can then conduct subjective exams to test the student’s knowledge.

Do we have an option for objective exams? Absolutely yes! You can conduct both objective and subjective exams. We focused on subjective more because descriptive exams can help teachers evaluate students more clearly. Students cannot use the ‘hit and trial’ method that they often use in objective exams to score higher. The head may be sore for a week and even two. It is an excellent antispasmodic. I often suffer from headaches, especially when the weather changes together with atmospheric pressure, and in cases of impending precipitation and windy weather. Tramadol helps me with my physiological problems (osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine) which often cause spasms of blood vessels of the brain, hence the headache, and pressure spikes. I take a pill a large amount of water In subjective exams, students have to skip a question, so you as a teacher will know how much the student has truly learned.

Like we mentioned above the Schoolzpro app allows schools to conduct online assessments, which is the true essence of e-teaching. The combination of sharing study material and the option of online assessments on a single platform makes Schoolzpro the perfect e-teaching app for schools.

How can your school benefit from the app?

Well, for starters you can ensure that your students keep on studying even when they’re not attending school.

Secondly you can manage everything in a more organized way. For example, when teachers upload lesson plans, you can track what subject is being taught.

You can conduct all class tests, semi-periodic, periodic exams within the app itself. This will save you from printing and managing papers, answer sheets, registers, etc.

Post exams, you’ll have each and every result within the app itself, making it easier to compile the whole data.

You’ll be able to track each and every student’s performance post the exam. With result insights, you can see how your students are performing and what you need to do to help them perform better.

Your teachers can check papers in real-time, which will save you and them a lot of time which otherwise goes in bulk paper checking

Key features in short?

  • Conduct online assessments
  • Set timers to each and every test
  • Create PIN-based entry to exams
  • Share Lesson Plans
  • Share study material in multiple formats
  • Check papers in real-time
  • Check exam insights to track strengths and weaknesses

So all in all, Schoolzpro is the perfect e-teaching app for Schools. Don’t believe our word? Why don’t you take a demo to see the full features by yourself?