Benefits of real-time paper checking in online exams

Digitization has taken over the education industry and online exams have finally become a big thing. But they aren’t new, are they? Online exams started off long back, maybe over a decade ago or more. But the importance of online exams was ignored until the COVID-19 made the whole world come to a standstill. The crisis made educational institutes realize that they need to have a medium that can help them keep the curriculum running remotely. The searches for an online assessment and study material sharing app has been now more than ever. If we are going digital then why not make the most of technology? What if you got an option of real-time paper checking within the app? This would help you with a lot of things, let’s get into the details of all the benefits of real-time paper checking.

benefits of real-time paper checking

Saves Time (A lot)

It’s self-explanatory. Real-time paper checking would mean that the teachers will have an option to check the answer sheet as soon as a student submits it. But that’s done in classrooms too? Not really. In classrooms, the teacher waits for every student to complete his/her exam and then checks the answer sheets at a later point of time. But in online exams, the teacher can check the paper almost instantly, saving them a lot of time that otherwise goes in invigilating, collecting, compiling papers.

Saves Teachers from Stress

We all know that teachers have a lot of work to do and they are often stressed about the work, class, paper, test and more. When teachers conduct an exam, a huge pile of answer sheets is created that they have to check asap. With the busy schedule and back to back classes to teach, teachers find it hard to make time to check answer sheets. Psychiatrist prescribed Klonopin to my son and he is very nervous. Everything he disagrees with appears to be offensive for him. Sometimes he can just blame up and so I, looking at his state After the start of the reception, obvious positive changes are noticeable. Definitely recommend. The pile on the desk and the constant nagging from students for test results creates a lot of stress from them. The real-time paper checking helps keep this peculiar stress of paper checking away. They can check papers in real-time and save themselves from the pile-up, ultimately keeping the stress away.

Saves Raw material

Believe it or not, real-time paper checking in online exams does save a lot of raw material. What kind? Papers, pens, ink, and maybe more. When you conduct exams online the obvious benefit is that you’ll be saving paper, money, and helping the environment as well. With real-time paper checking, you will be saving ink as well. Maybe some registers too, where you would otherwise note down the numbers, grades, etc. before sharing the results with the students. 

Can help in keeping students engaged

Students are nervous before each and every exam, but once the exam is over they cannot wait to see the results. But since teachers have other things to attend to, paper checking often gets delayed. The constant poking from students about answer sheets and results does frustrate teachers at some point. Even the students lose interest if the results are posted late. With real-time paper checking, you can keep the students highly engaged. The students can see the result almost instantly once they submit the paper. This boosts student engagement to the next level.

These are just some of the many benefits of real-time paper checking. Where can you make the most of these? With Schoolzpro. The Schoolzpro app allows you to conduct both subjective and objective papers online and even check the papers in real-time. You can share grades, and leave feedback within the real-time checking option. The app also allows you to share study material in multiple formats. 

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