Must Have Features of An Online Assessment App

Online education has gained immense popularity, and it has changed the complete dynamics of the education industry. Who would have thought that animated videos and exams will replace traditional classrooms will be conducted over technical devices rather than pen and paper? That’s how technology changes; that’s what growth is. If you ask us the next step of growth in the e-learning scenario, the answer would be online assessments. Yes, online exams, papers, and assignments are the next big thing in the education industry. With this blog on the must-have features of an online assessment app, you’ll have a list of the things to look out for.

Online assessment is a tricky yet remarkable solution to the problem of time and raw material management for the school. You will have to ask all the students to log in and teach them how to use the app during the initial times, but once that’s done, everything else would become super easy. How can an online assessment app simplify a school’s job?  We have tried answering this question with the list of features. At the end of this blog, we will also introduce you to an app that has all these features.


Option to share Lesson Plans and Study material in multiple formats

 This is very important, imagine your students start studying a random chapter from the book, that would be a disaster, right? The online assessment app you use must give you an option to share lesson plans, to keep your teaching trajectory and the student’s learning in line. Your students will have complete clarity over the chapter that they’re going to be taught with lesson plans, and the topics that they need to practice.

Another super feature that the app must have is the option to share study material along with lesson plans. For example, you will be conducting a test of physics in a week, so you share a lesson plan for a chapter of physics, and along with that, you share study material for the same. With this process, the students will not only have the test’s topic in hand but also have the study material that can help them study for the same. The app must also allow you to share study material in multiple formats like videos, pdfs, images, word files, etc. This will ensure that the students have ample and different types of content to understand the topics better. So, the option to share lesson plans and study material in multiple formats is one of the must-have features for an online assessment app.


Should allow conducting Subjective exams online

 As we said, online exams are the next big thing. We know what you’re thinking, online exams have been going on for a decade now, what’s new? Well, not all online exams. Most of the exams currently conducted online are objective types and are performed for college entrances or jobs. But to truly assess someone you need to have a check on their memory and knowledge, which can only be done by Subjective exams. 

Schools and educational institutes focus more on subjective more because in objective type exams students do tend to *try out their luck* with random options when they do not know the answer. The tryout part cannot be done in a subjective exam if you know the answer you write it, if you don’t, you have to skip it. So, to do a complete assessment of the students, your online assessment app must have a feature to conduct subjective exams.


Must have the feature of checking exam buy original modafinil online papers in real-time

 Why do we say must have? Because, if we are taking everything online, then we should have features that help us save time. Checking papers in real-time is something that all teachers wish they could do. It can save them from a massive burden of checking answer sheets later. Teachers have to conduct regular classes and thus find themselves in a state of a fix when it comes to checking a huge pile of answer sheets.

 If the teachers get the feature of real-time checking, they can check the answer sheets as soon as the student submits it, they don’t have to wait for everyone to complete the test. This not only saves time that the teachers would have to spend checking all papers later but also saves them from the stress. The students get the results instantly, and they can check and take note of the errors and feedback at the same time. 


Detailed insights

 You will be able to see how the students are performing in offline papers too, but would that be all? If we’re going digital, then why don’t we make the most of technology. One of the must-have features of an online assessment app is detailed insights. What are the detailed insights? With in-depth insights, you can monitor the performance of the class as a whole. You will be able to track the strengths and weaknesses of all the students in the post-exam result analysis. Using those insights, you can change the methodology, the approach, or the content that is shared with the students. Changing the method might help students understand the topic easily.

When you conduct multiple tests, you can compare the reports from the previous exams to keep track of the progress that the students are making and what more you can do to help them excel. If you can track and improve everything, the school’s overall result will touch the sky.


Access Control 

 The app must have a feature that allows the teachers to control who takes the assessment. Since it’s an app, all the students whose ids have been created by the teachers can access it anytime. Imagine you conducting a physics exam for class 8th and all the students from other sections login and spam the exam that would be a disaster right? So, the app must give you a feature using which you can control who can access the exam—for example, an option of PIN-based access. The teacher can create a PIN for the exam using which the students can attend the exam. This will ensure that the exam is taken only by the students, who the teacher wants to assess. 



These are some of the must-have features of an online assessment app. Although there can be many other additions like Leaderboards, assignments, etc. but they aren’t that essential. In the end, you should choose an app that offers all these features, just like Schoolzpro. Remember the app that we mentioned in the opening lines? Schoolzpro is that app. It provides you with all these features, and the app ensures superior data security. All the lesson plans, study material, question papers, etc. are saved on a secure server, ensuring zero data loss. We have a lot more to offer and a lot more to tell you about the app. 

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