Benefits of Conducting Subjective Papers Online

Remember when we used to frown overhearing the term exam? Now that you look back, you could say reviews play the most crucial role in checking our knowledge and learning. Being from a time when objective papers were uncommon, we do have a soft corner for subjective papers. We’ll not get into the debate on subjective vs. objective, but we just want to convey that subjective exams give a better insight into the student’s learning. And that there are more benefits of conducting subjective papers online in comparison to the objective ones.

Now that we’re at it let’s talk about online papers too. Ever since e-learning was introduced to the education sector, institutions have been trying to move the whole classroom process to a digital platform. But, of course, there are complications, like lack of funds, the need for using multiple platforms, lack of trust, etc. One thing that has picked up the pace is objective exams, which are easy to conduct and even more comfortable to check. The computer can automatically check objective type questions. We have tried to solve the difficult task of conducting subjective papers online with Schoolzpro. You can read more about how School Pro allows you to conduct subjective tests here.

For now, let’s start with the benefits of conducting subjective papers online.

Reduces Paperwork

 It sounds weird, but this is bound to happen. When you conduct exams online, you’re not only saving a lot of time that’s usually wasted in arranging question papers and answer sheets but also saving the environment. You won’t have to print question papers, and there won’t be a massive pile of answer sheets waiting on your desk to be checked—just one of the benefits of conducting subjective papers online. 

Makes Teachers aren’t able to check papers quickly since easier

 Checking papers is a very daunting task. Since teachers have other tasks that consume a lot of time, teachers aren’t able to check papers quickly. But if you conduct subjective papers online, you won’t have to sit for hours turning pages into each answer sheet, marking the numbers and then adding them. You can save all that time if you conduct subjective papers online. Checking can become a lot easier since you will modafinil 1 mg pharmacy have the answer sheet on your screen, and you can grade the questions & leave the feedback with your fingertips. 

Gives detailed insights

 When you conduct subjective papers offline, leaving, and remembering the feedback left to a student becomes too difficult. Monitoring the performance of all the students is near to impossible (we are not talking about marks/grades). But, by conducting subjective papers online, you can ensure that you get a detailed insight of all students. With an in-depth insight at the end of each exam, you can monitor each and everyone’s performances easily. With the insight option, you can also compare their performances over a series of exams, which you probably wouldn’t even have the time to do with offline exams.

Everything is organizable

 Doesn’t everything feel organized? There are some simple steps that you and the student have to follow, and the exam can be conducted very efficiently. All you need is a device with a camera and you are ready for the exam. Everything from the question paper to the answer sheet, the feedback, grading can be easily organized. You’ll have different tabs within the app for everything. When you conduct subjective exams offline, you have too many tasks on hand, and everything becomes clustered. For instance, after collecting answer sheets, the first step you’ll have to do is organize and arrange the answer-sheet roll number or name wise to check them quickly. You won’t face this problem when conducting subjective exams online. Since exams will be held within an app, you will have the names and roll numbers automatically allocated, so there won’t be any problem with arranging the answer sheet.

These are just some of the many benefits of conducting subjective papers online. Subjective exams are, without a doubt, the best way to assess students. The Schoolzpro app is here to help you do that quickly and make the most of the benefits mentioned in this blog. You can conduct not only subjective exams online but also conduct objective exams, share lesson plans, get exam insights, check papers in real-time, and much more. Schoolzpro is a complete solution to all your teaching problems. 

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