How to Conduct Subjective Papers Online?

Conducting papers online is the next big thing in the education industry. Online papers can be of two types viz. Objective and Subjective. Although objective papers have been conducted online for a decade, subjective papers still have a long way to go. Conducting subjective papers online is not that easy but with the help of software, we can try to ease out the process. I’m on Ambien for 2 years. But at the beginning of my treatment, I used it improperly and walked at night. On, I read that this preparation was intended for relaxation, so you will need to use it right in bed without doing any activity between ingestion and onset. Now, Ambien works as desired. Thanks to for such useful information.

You can test the true knowledge of a student only by conducting a subjective exam. There are a lot of challenges that schools face before even trying to conduct subjective papers online. But with the help of the SchoolzPro app, you can not only conduct subjective papers online with ease but also track and monitor each and every student’s performance. We’ll talk about the features of Schoolzpro later, let’s first help you understand how you can conduct subjective papers online with Schoolzpro.

Subjective papers can be conducted online through mobile applications. We’ll give you an example of how Schoolzpro allows you to conduct subjective papers online.

Steps to Conduct Subjective papers online with an app like Schoolzpro

  • The first thing to do is creating a question paper. The teacher writes down all the questions on a paper or creates a word/pdf file.
  • Now, you just have to click the picture of the paper and Upload it on Schoolzpro. Or if you have a pdf/word file you can upload it directly.
  • Then, you have to inform your students about the exam and ask them to login into the app.
  • Once, everyone has logged in you can share a PIN with the students to ensure that the exam is attended only by the students who you want to assess.
  • The student enters the exam with the PIN and views the question paper, the exam timer starts at the same time.
  • Once he is done with the answer, he can upload the answer sheet within the app by clicking the picture of the sheet.
  • You can then grade and leave feedback to the questions accordingly.

Quite simple isn’t it? Besides the basic feature of conducting the exam, Schoolzpro also allows you to check papers in real-time. Checking papers in real-time will allow you to save yourself from the stress of checking a huge pile of answer sheets later. Even the student can see the result instantly. Then students need to click photographs of their answers and send it to teachers online. 



So with this blog, you have learnt how you can conduct subjective papers online with Schoolzpro easily. If you want your students to have a complete guide of what they should be studying and what you will be teaching you can share lesson plans with them. You can share videos, pdfs, word files, etc. to help students understand a topic more easily. If you want to conduct online papers more effectively, in a streamlined flow, you can contact us here to get a demo of Schoolzpro.