How to Assess Students Online?

Online assessments are picking up pace gradually and reshaping the education sector. E-learning has enabled conducting online classes, tests, and more for people who cannot attend regular classrooms. It also supports students who want to study on their own with a specific schedule. Assessing students is the most important part of a school or an educational organization. Only by conducting assessments, teachers can find out what students have learned so far and the students can get to know about their weaknesses and strengths. The benefits of conducting online assessments are tremendous, both for the teachers and the schools as well. For instance, teachers have less paperwork, and students can ask their doubts to get 1 to 1 feedback. However, online assessments still haven’t gained enough traction, maybe because schools are still skeptical or they do not know how they can assess students online. 

With this blog, we’ll help you with the methods that you can follow to effectively assess students online and we’ll even give you a brief description of Schoolzpro, our online assessment app.

Conduct Online Exams

Conducting online exams is the best way to assess students online. If you can conduct both objective and subjective types of exams, you can take your student’s learning to the next level. With online exams, you can get a complete insight into the student’s understanding and clarity over a particular topic/subject. For example, you can conduct monthly exams or tests and keep a check of the progress using exam insights. When you have quarterly insights you can track how students improved during the time and what topics they still find difficult to understand. You can also conduct annual exams online, to take the ultimate test of a year’s learning and promote your student to the next class. The Panic anxiety attacks. The Valium drug works very well with me. It is truly the only medicine that. I have taken that takes the insomnia, away I can relax. I can go about my day it works very well I’m very well pleased with it. I have no more anxiety panic attacks. I take 10-20 mg two times a day. I orderbuy Valium or Diazepam online only from Web Site.

Check Papers In Real-Time  

benefits of conducting subjective papers online

One of the major advantages of online assessment is real-time checking. Real-time checking helps you to share results much faster. It reduces the burden of teachers as it is very time-consuming to check bundles of papers altogether. With real-time checking, you can provide instantaneous feedback to the student on his answers that will result in a better understanding of mistakes. Besides, that if you check papers in real-time you would be able to take note of the students who need the most focus. 

Problem Solving Case Studies

Teachers can also assess students online by providing assigning case studies that they can work upon. Case studies are assigned to check the student’s diligence in studying. When you assign a case study online, the student will have to deep dive and find out details about a particular event or a scenario. Once, you receive the research, you can find out how and what level of interest the student showed. But this can be done offline too, right? Yes, but not with the ease. When you assess students online you can easily cross verify the data from the internet itself and give inputs on the case study within the app itself. You can also share the links to inform the student more about the case study, or to shed light on the points that he/she missed.

For example, using Schoolzpro, you can send the case studies, the students can compile the project and upload a photo for you to check. You can then cross-check the facts from the internet and share the links, that could have been more helpful. 


These are some ways by which a teacher can assess students online. By using these methods of online teaching you can ensure that the students make the most of remote learning and that you have a fair grasp over their progress. Now, coming to the second part that we promised – Schoolzpro. By far you would have a gist of some of the features that Schoolzpro provides. The app allows you to conduct tests, share lesson plans, check papers in real-time, and more. The app basically helps you assess students online with ease.