Using Online Assessment App To Conduct Subjective Papers Online

Online examinations are getting popular day by day and COVID-19 was an eye-opener for institutions to take remote learning seriously. Online assessments are the solution to many difficulties that students and teachers are facing. We all know that even a mere mention of “online education” creates a sense of excitement amongst students. This excitement, if used effectively can help students learn and master their respective subjects massively. At present, the most common method of online assessment is conducting objective tests but is that sufficient? We all know that true knowledge can only be tested with a subjective exam. But there’s another problem, there was no app until March that gave teachers an option to conduct both objective and subjective papers on a single platform. We launched Schoolzpro, to give a complete online assessment solution to schools.

With Schoolzpro you can conduct exams, give assignments, share lesson plans, and a lot more. With this blog, we’ll let you know how you can use the Schoolzpro online examination app to conduct subjective papers online


How Schoolzpro Helps To Conduct Subjective Papers Online

Schoolzpro not only helps you conduct subjective papers online, but it also gives you a complete insight into a student’s performance. Here’s how:

  • The teacher gives a question in the form of an image or a pdf.
  • The question appears on the student’s screen.
  • The student writes down the answer on a paper with his best knowledge.
  • After completing the answer, the student clicks a picture of the answer and shares it within the app.
  • The student follows the same steps for all the questions asked.
  • The teacher can either check the answers in real-time or check all the answers at a later point in time.

As you can see, the whole process is streamlined and quite easy to adapt to. You can even set time limits to questions, to ensure that student focuses on the question and does his best to complete it. The real-time checking feature will help you provide instant feedback, grades and you as a teacher won’t have to check a big bundle of paper later. With the insight feature, you can check the student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide your inputs to them accordingly. Thank You so much for directly answering my questions and doing it through such a beautiful metaphor, I really liked it 🙂 What you say is very interesting, basically Strattera has only acted on your anxiety and other emotions ‘maybe sadness, depression’. I understand that once this is solved you are able to concentrate much better. which is more than understandable. I think Strattera is also intended to act on your core ADHD symptoms like inattention and motivation. I wonder if maybe you´d need some more time to also feel these effects or if maybe you could be “really hope not” one of those Strattera doesn’t seem to have an effect on. I all be very interested to keep monitoring your experience. Thanks again for your great information and have a wonderful week. More information for strattera


How Subjective Assessments Are Helpful For Schools

The best way to assess your students is by subjective assessments. Objective type assessments do not give any clarity on how much students have learned. All of us know that within objective tests students have a chance to select a random option even if they do not know the answer. If they hit the correct answer, you as a teacher will never find out that they didn’t know how to solve the question and they need help over the particular topic. But in Subjective assessment, there are long answer questions that can easily explain how much students can learn. Students need to think, remember, and then write the answers. So, ultimately subjective exam is the best way for students and teachers both, as students will also get clarity of their knowledge. 



To sum it all, we can say that subjective exams do have an upper hand over objective exams and online assessment is incomplete without conducting subjective exams online. Schoolzpro can help you conduct both types of exams and provides some amazing features for both students and teachers. The app eases out the whole process of online conducting online assessments and to prepare your students for better performance you can share lesson plans with them in the form of image, pdf, video, and more. 

Why don’t you get a demo and find out why Schoolzpro is considered as the best online assessment app