Schoolzpro For Conducting Online Examinations For School Students

Online assessments are the next big thing in the education industry. Yes, we do see competitive exams being conducted online regularly but most of them are objective and are conducted only once. But competitive exams have been conducted online for a decade, did you ever hear of online assessments in schools even in the past couple of years? Probably not. This is because school assessment, unlike competitive exams, is not just a one-time thing. You have to regularly conduct exams, tests to keep a track of the student’s performance and make him learn better. Also, until the past few months, there was no app or a platform for conducting online examinations for school students.

All of us know that education is the pioneer, the very building block of knowledge. And it shouldn’t be limited to four-walled classrooms. A student should have an option to learn from any time and the teacher should have an option to teach and assess from anywhere. With that thought, we created Schoolzpro, an app that can truly revolutionize online education. This app can help you teach, test, and assess students all on a single platform. The most important thing that it helps in doing is conducting online examinations for school students.

Allows sharing lesson plans

It’s important to pass on the right knowledge to students before conducting an assessment. The schoolzpro app allows you to share lesson plans within the app. With this feature, your students know exactly what is being taught and how they should practice each topic. Besides that, you can also share pdfs or video files, images and more to help modafinil to buy online your student learn effectively. This is the very first step before you go on conducting online examinations for school students.


Allows Conducting Exams

Assessment is all about testing your student’s knowledge. With the schoolzpro app can not only test your student’s speed but also test his memory skills. How? Well, the app allows you to conduct both objective and subjective types of exams. Like we mentioned before, objective exams are common but subjective is where you can test the true knowledge. If you want to truly test how well your students are learning and studying, you just have to conduct an exam.

How? Firstly, you can create a PIN, share it with the students who are supposed to take the exam. Once all the students join the exam, you can share the question paper within the app (an exam timer will also be displayed on the screen). The students have to write down the answer to the questions displayed, click a picture, and share it within the app. That’s it. Yes, online assessment with Schoolzpro is that easy. 


Allows real-time paper checking & gives insights

The real-time paper checking feature of Schoolzpro makes conducting online examinations very easy. Once your student shares the photo of the answer sheet, you can check the paper on with your fingertips. You can grade the questions, leave feedback, and share the result back instantaneously. With this feature, you can conduct an exam, check the papers, and provide feedback all within the same day. This will not only give you an overall insight into how your students are studying and what they need to work on. 

The Schoolzpro app has many other features that make it a complete e-teaching solution for schools. The app also promotes healthy competition with grade leaderboards and will ensure next-level student engagement. Besides these main features, you can also add timers to the exam/questions, create PIN-based access to exams, and more. We could write a very long list of features, but we are pragmatic, so why don’t we give you a demo? You’ll know why Schoolzpro is the best app for conducting online examinations for school students.