How Can You Use Online Assessments To Boost Student Engagement

Online assessments are replacing traditional classroom teaching and the way of testing a student’s knowledge. There are two reasons that have led to online assessments picking pace. First, the need to teach and study from a remote location (Like during the COVID lockdown) and second to make teaching more engaging. The use of online assessment also helps save time, as the knowledge and interaction are done through a remote location. We all know that e-learning attracts students more. Online assessments give clarity to students and teachers in a systematic way regarding results, study materials, assignments, and more. Since the lesson plans and study materials shared can be animated videos, colorful pdfs, images, students engaged for a longer period and do not get bored easily. Online assessments provide a platform for students to come up with ideas and creative thinking and connect with teachers without hesitation. With this blog, you will get to know how you can use online assessments to boost student engagement.

online assessments to boost student engagement

Share Creative Lesson Plans

We all know that study materials play the most essential role in imparting education. Online assessments help in sharing lesson plans with students in a creative manner. Lesson Plans can be shared with students in the form of videos, photographs, presentations, etc. Sharing materials through videos and presentations create a different kind of impact on the students. Students enjoy seeing these videos and presentations and which results in healthy engagement with the app and boosts learning. Teachers can share the lesson plans easily by uploading all the material in one place and students can download them from there itself. It creates a systematic and easy-going way to share lesson plans in this manner. Sharing study material digitally keeps the student engaged and students do not lose interest easily.

Conduct exams and check papers in Real-Time

This is another way of using online assessments to boost student engagement. With online assessment apps like Schoolzpro, you can conduct both subjective and objective exams on a single platform. Online exam has its own perks, the student is more comfortable and is more eager to give the exam as the results in most cases are instantaneous. If you promote healthy competition with exams, you will see a massive increase in student’s engagement and performance. There’s another way to build engagement, you conduct an online assessment and check all the papers in real-time. When you check papers in real-time, the students will stick to the class since they will be keen to see the result. You can also add feedback to each question, to help students learn. The tramadol has been a constant drug in my medicine cabinet for several years. It helps with headaches, the causes of which are completely different pressure, lack of sleep, the use of alcoholic beverages. Other painkillers fail when you consider that you were diagnosed with intracranial pressure as a child. It also saves me during the period. One pill is always enough to eliminate the pain. I advise it to everyone,

Once the exam is over, you can create a leaderboard summary that will rank the students according to their grades. When students see the leaderboard, they will want to be on the top and they’ll try their best in future exams. 


So, this was our blog on how you can use online assessments to boost student engagement. It is not easy to keep the students engaged all the time, but if you follow these tips, you can reach a certain level of engagement. To help institutions make the most of online assessments we at Essence Softwares have launched an app called Schoolzpro. It’s not just an online assessment app. Schoolzpro is a complete student engagement system. With the app, you can not only do both the activities mentioned above but also promote healthy competition within the students.

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