Top 5 Benefits of Online Examinations

The advancement in technologies and the adoption of e-learning in schools has opened massive opportunities in the education sector. Online assessment is the next big move that schools have slowly started adapting to and it’s going to change the whole dynamic of institutional education. This brings us to the most basic question, what is online assessment? Online assessment is what you could say an easy/neat/quick and depth based assessment of each student using an app or software. It is the digital version of the exams or tests that you would otherwise conduct in schools, to grade students. The second question is about the use and benefits, as in how it can benefit schools and why it should be adapted.

Reduces Paperwork

This is probably one of the best benefits of online examinations for teachers. When everything’s online, who needs papers? With online assessments, teachers don’t have to maintain registers, logs, or any other major paperwork. Let’s take an example with schoolzpro’s interface, we’ll get to each step 1 by 1. For starters, you don’t have to maintain a log/register of the names and number of students. You can create their accounts within the app and monitor them from there itself. Your school doesn’t have to print multiple question papers and answer sheets for the students when conducting the exams. The use of Tramadol activates opiate receptors in the gastrointestinal tract and brain. In addition, the drug normalizes the concentration and slows down the destruction of central catecholamines. Tramadol is 5-10 times weaker than morphine. Proper use of medication doesn’t have a significante ffecton hemodynamics, GI motility, respiration and pulmonary artery pressure. For additional information, visit the website

Remember the printed or written lesson plans and class notes that you usually share? Gone! You can upload videos, pdfs, more within the app itself. So you’ll not only be saving paper but you’ll also be saving capital. They simply have to see the question on the screen, write it down, and share the image with you.

Takes away a load of bulk checking

When you conduct all the assessments online, you as a teacher are relieving a lot of stress including that of checking papers in bulk. In a normal exam scenario, you would conduct a test or an exam for the whole class or probably multiple classes and then check all the answer sheets later on. The mere sight of the bundles of papers sends a chill down the spine, right? With online assessments, you can check papers in real-time. Yes, you read that right! With Schoolzpro, you can check the answer and grade it, as soon as the student uploads it. If you do this with all the students, there’ll be no bundles of papers and no load of bulk checking them. With online assessments, you won’t have students asking you about exam results every other day, since results will be instant. 

Allows conducting exams from a remote location

This is an obvious benefit, isn’t it? One of the sole reasons for conducting online assessment is the ease of location. The students and the teachers do not have to be at the same place to take an exam. For instance, during this COVID-19 outbreak, the schools are temporarily shut and the students have to study from home. If you start conducting online assessments then the students won’t be wasting precious time or maybe a year. You can’t really track how much the students are learning currently, but with online assessments, you would have a fair grasp over their learning and their performance. But, with the third-party app currently being used, teachers are only able to share the study material and not conduct assessments.

Schoolzpro allows you to not only share lesson plans but also conduct online assessments. So, hitting two birds with one shot. You can conduct the exam from your home and the students can appear in the exam from theirs. No need to travel.

Gives performance details

Online assessment not only helps you keep your students engaged and busy with tests, but it also gives you a good insight into their performance. This is a big win over traditional classrooms because, in traditional learning, you would simply be checking the papers and assigning grades on the answer’s basis. There’ll be no follow up with the student on his strength or weakness. With online assessment, you can track the student’s progress quite effectively. Like on Schoolzpro, when you see the results of the exams you would get a detailed report of all the students. From that report, you can find out the strength and weaknesses of each and every student. This way you can focus on each and every student and ensure that you provide enough inputs for the tough topics so that they can perform better in future exams.

Increase student engagement and interest

Believe it or not, the online assessment does help in building and increasing Student engagement. When you share the lesson plans in the forms of engaging videos or pdfs, the students are keener to see and learn from them. When you give assignments or conduct surprise tests or exams you will have a leaderboard to show how they performed. This promotes healthy competition, the students will want to perform more and more and participate in as many tests as possible. This, in turn, will make him learn more and the end result would be that the overall class is competing with each other and giving their best performance.

So, these are the top 5 benefits of online examinations. There are many more if you think about it, but these should be enough to make you adapt to online assessments. As we have mentioned in the blog itself, the schoolzpro app provides all these features and in a way helps you create a virtual classroom. You can share lesson plans, take subjective or objective exams, conduct time-based tests, and much more using the app. The app will definitely boost the overall results of your school.

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